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Furniture And Joinery

  • Joinery Bespoke design and woodwork are our specialties. We take on a wide range of joinery projects of all sizes and complexity levels. With State of the art technology like CNC router machines, belt cutter machine, lipping machine and the 6 head molder machines to name a few. From interior renovations to diverse designs, our artisans offer world-class joinery with the highest quality following stringent safety standards.
  • Wallpaper & wall art – wallpapers reflect the owner’s personality, giving it a voice to their dreams and desires. Our customized wallpaper is uniquely handcrafted to complete your space, become the spotlight focus, a portrait of your fantasy and imagination. And the authentic wall art we design is a canvas of creativity, inspiration and exploration, they can show up in any style from transitional to traditional as long as it speaks your personality and brings your interior space to life – curtains, as one of UAE’s premier drapery curtain designers and producers, we believe that the right curtains, shades, or shutter can turn any window into a stunning focal point. Each set goes through a process of planning to ensure that they look exactly the way you pictured it. All our curtains are handmade to the highest specification.
  • Bespoke furniture, Pieces of luxury bespoke interiors are capable of creating an intimate connection with their owners. Each piece is unique and is able to surprise with its originality, thanks to the different combinations and balanced compositions of materials
  • Carpets, carpets create a sense of warmth, our bespoke collection add sophisticated charm to any interior. Every hand-knotted rug tells the story and personality the client wants to show and the journey of making it. It is like a painting made over a long period of time with yarns of wool and silk

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