Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

As a leading expert in luxury interior design based in Dubai, we have been helping clients create their dream spaces since 2008. Our passion is to understand our client's lifestyles and dreams, and then challenge ourselves to bring them to life through creative solutions that blend classic style with modern touches.

With expertise in classic home interiors, we specialize in creating high-end residential properties for the discerning homeowner – from whole home renovations of villas to ultra-modern apartments overlooking the city skyline. No matter your vision, our team will work closely with you every step of the way to guarantee we achieve it together.

As one of the top home renovation companies Dubai, our experience ranges from architectural planning and project management; selection of materials such as fabrics, furniture, and fixtures; lighting design; space planning including 3D visualization, all the way down even to custom accents like artworks or handcrafted pieces unique only for you. Our primary focus is always on combining elegance with timelessness, so no matter how trends change over time, our designs never age nor look dated years after they are completed!

One of the Leading Home Renovation Companies in Dubai

Based in Dubai, we pride ourselves on providing high-end interior design solutions for discerning homeowners. For over a decade, we have been helping our clients bring their dream spaces to life through creative designs and classic home décor Dubai that are up-to-date and timeless.

At Rana Alkassim Maison, the process begins with understanding our client's lifestyle and dreams before moving on to project management and architectural planning. Our team then works closely with our customers to select the perfect materials for their space, including fabrics, furniture, fixtures, and custom accents such as artworks or handcrafted pieces that are unique only to them. We also provide lighting design services and 3D visualization work that help bring the concept to life before they even begin construction!

All of our design and classic home decoration Dubai solutions strive to maintain a balance between classic elegance and modern touches – ensuring that no matter how trends change over time, the results will never look dated. Our passionate team is dedicated to achieving perfection in all projects – no matter what size or budget – which is why we have become one of the leading home renovation companies in Dubai. So if you're looking for expert luxury interior design services you can trust, look no further than Rana Alkassim Maison!

Why Choose Us for Classic Home Interior Decoration?

At Rana Alkassim Maison, we specialize in providing classic home interior solutions for discerning homeowners. We understand how important it is to create a space that maintains the perfect balance between timelessness and modern touches – which is why our experienced team is committed to bringing your dream spaces to life every single time.

At Rana Alkassim Maison, our primary goal is to blend timeless sophistication with contemporary flair. We are committed to ensuring that regardless of how styles evolve, your interior design will always remain fresh and relevant, never appearing outdated or passé. So, if you're looking for an interior design firm that can deliver timeless sophistication with a modern twist, look no further than Rana Alkassim Maison.


We create experiences and value that combine quality, innovation and inspiration for our clients. We work closely with our clients and their unique project from inception to completion. Our customized approach provides a concierge-styled consultation and service delivery ensuring a client’s expectations are fully exceeded. Every aspect of our high touch service is thoughtfully curated to deliver a bespoke experience from start to finish.


As pioneers in bespoke designs, curated decor and a reputable interior design brand, our vision now is to become globally recognized professional interior design company, providing solutions in luxury residential and commercial interiors.
We create, design, build and decorate each project with exquisite craftsmanship, superla-tive quality and exceptional focus on detail. Our interior décor provides truly intricate mouldings, artful flooring, handcrafted wall designs and unique & rare product line.

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